Baby Cakes And Other Confections For The Perfect Miami Shower

Planning a baby shower for a special girlfriend? If you've got the venue set, the decorations picked out, and the invitations coordinated and sent out, you may think that you're good to go, but there's one more thing you've got to do- order up the food, of course! What's a baby shower without the nibbles? Poorly planned. So what is the perfect food for a baby shower anyway? Is there some tradition you should be following here? Well, technically yes and no.

Where Do Baby Showers Come From?

Baby showers have been held throughout the world for hundreds of years. Meant to celebrate the coming birth of a beloved child, and to provide the soon-to-be-parents with much needed baby gear and supplies, the term baby shower comes from the idea that the friends and family of the mama to be would "shower" her with useful gifts. While baby showers were once only held for the couple's firstborn child, nowadays we've taken on a more democratic attitude, and hold them for each new addition to our families. Traditionally, there are no set rules for exactly when to hold the shower, or what foods to serve, but holding the shower in the latter months of pregnancy, and serving delectable dainties such as cakes, cookies and cupcakes has become the most commonly accepted shower etiquette.

Shower Confectionary 101

Let's examine the three basic forms of baby shower confectionary, and the (delicious) pros and (are there any?) cons of each.

*Baby Cakes- what could be sweeter? Walking into one of Miami's custom cake shops is like walking into another world- a magical Wonka-like world where ribbons and bows are made of brightly colored chocolate, sparkling jewels are made of delicately spun sugar, and the toys, animals, baby shoes and piles of gifts are all amazingly edible. For sheer wow-factor and impact, a custom cake is the way to go, but if it did have one con, it's that this is no finger food. If you're planning a table-less shower, be wary of guests balancing plates of yummy goodness on their laps or knees.

*Cupcakes- they're like miniature cakes! If you want the style and taste of a Miami baby shower cake, but are looking for something a little less formal- or accident prone- custom designed cupcakes are a popular alternative. They are just as diverse, playful and inventive as any full-size baby cake, these hand-held treats are easier for your guests to eat, especially in a less formal, table-less setting. And they make great take home guest favors. With cupcakes you also get the added variety of a multiplicity of baby cute designs, instead of just one.

*Cookies- the perfect finger food. Cakes aren't the only thing they serve in Miami's gourmet cake shops. When faced with a plateful of mouth wateringly cute baby themed cookies, everyone becomes a cookie monster. Not only are these the safest and yummiest finger food around, they can be a fun way to entertain your guests with edible messages, pictures or a checker battle where you can eat the pieces you jump. The possibilities are endless, and all of them are delicious!